The Montessori pedagogy is based on major principles which create a frame. The main element, the one that you will hear the more often, is that the child is his own manufacturer.

An idea to keep in mind : “Help me to do it alone”


  • The adult is a guide, a link between the materials and the child.It presents to the children one by one, slowly, the pieces of educational materials adapted to the needs of each and adult withdraws and leaves the child experiment at their own pace.The role of the Montessori teacher is in compliance with the needs of each child in the presentation of the material that will arouse curiosity in maintaining an atmosphere conducive to concentration.
  • Each piece of educational material does not present a difficulty for the child at a time.It has been carefully developed by Maria Montessori and is still relevant today.It is based on scientific data and gives the child the means to develop mastery of his actions and discuss abstract concepts by experimenting, by translating them into.
  • The materials contain the error control that will allow the child to adjust gradually without being judged either good or bad.The environment prepared by the adult allows the normal development of the child to independence. Calm, shelves of the reach of children will choose their equipment, keep it as long as necessary and return it to its place to put at the disposal of another child.
  • Rules that allow children to develop individually in the group :respect for self, others, materials.
  • Freedom and responsibility are relatedThe child chooses his work among the material that was presented to him, moves freely speak without disturbing its neighbors.
  • No external judgements on the resultsNo notes, no punishment, no reward (for the child is not working for a reward and the joy of his work is the reward he gives himself))
  • No competitionThere is only one copy of each material so that children are not competing in their work.
  • No generalized programEach child is unique.The time required for each to integrate, test, varies from one child to another, from one moment to another, from one material to another.Everyone has the time to understand, to deepen, to incorporate knowledge at their own pace.
  • The program, the child chooses, meets its needs.Each step of preparing the following materials and allows everyone to grow daily.