The Maison des enfants is a caring alternative school, based on the teachings of Maria Montessori.

The raison d’etre of our school and of our association is to work with children according to this pedagogy, and to contribute to its influence in the region, through the association’s various activities.

Doctor Maria Montessori (1870-1952), neurologist and first Italian woman to obtain a degree in medicine, specialised in the development of the child. She observed children’s needs from birth to adolescence. Her revolutionary conclusions have been a worldwide source of inspiration for the education of young children.

The Montessori pedagogy applies four basic principles, which allow children to access fundamental lessons:

  1. Let the child develop his/her place in the group from a position of cooperation and solidarity
  2. Allow the child to develop his/her concentration as a way of gaining access to knowledge
  3. Work with the child towards his/her harmonious physical, intellectual and emotional development
  4. Allow the child to think and act for him/herself independently