The Montessori method allows to bring the child to the basic skills of reading, writing, mathematics and science through a specific material.

The Practical Life

After a first phase of acquisition rules of life in the classroom and preliminary exercises (rolling and unrolling a carpet wearing a chair, carrying a tray of activity), the child is aware of the respect of the environment in which it operates (change the water flowers, wash a table, do the dishes), to personal care (dressing and undressing alone, wash hands, shine his shoes, sew a button …) and to structure their relationships with others (say hello, give way, thank, apologize).

All these exercises help develop concentration and require patience and finesse in psycho-motor coordination. They also pose the essential socialization bases.

The Sensory

Through a material with mainly graduations and contrasting colours, shapes, textures, sounds, smells or sizes, the child acquires the concept of classification to achieve a first level of conceptualization.

The Language

The development of reading and writing is still pressed once the meaning of the child: the child’s motor preparation (practical life exercises, draw geometric shapes, rough letters …), acquisition of spatial organization (through practical life exercises), and learning by combining sounds that will lead to reading and writing.


The mathematical material allows the acquisition of logical thinking through a concrete material based on the notion of quantity: starting from the simple numbering system, the child then turned to the decimal system exercises and counting sorting, addition or subtraction, internalizes math basics.


The child is curious about the world in which he lives: the biology, history and geography are covered by appropriate materials and mainly sensory: puzzles representing the different continents, flags of different countries, modelling of natural landscapes, observations of natural elements, etc.

Creative arts and group activities

The individual work with the Montessori material is complemented by other creative activities or group: Songs group, music, creative arts, visual arts, poetry, psychomotor activities, games and body language are integrated Montessori program.