Drapeaux de l’alliance franco-anglaise

Every child comes with its own language experience. Some bathe at home in a bilingual environment or non-French and others are from a francophone environment. Of these, some know people speaking English or another language, others do not. These experiences provide a wealth brought by the children themselves and will weave the fabric of trade between the two languages.

The prepared environment at the school for the children is available in the two languages, two ways of expressing themselves, two cultures. Based on his/her personal history and the links that will be created at the school, the child may, at their own pace, discover or deepen the practice of a second language. The absorption capacity of all children will be the pleasure of communicating.

All adults who work with the children will speak to them in their native language without requiring them to adopt the language of the listener. This method of communication is always preferred. The reference is stable, the child will be free to seek any educators in the classroom. The French speaking teacher will make presentations in French and the English speaking teacher will make presentations in English.