At La Maison des Enfants, we don't just welcome a child, we welcome parents, brothers and sisters, the family and its history.


Choosing an associative school, a Montessori school, means making a choice based on a motivated adhesion to the school project and its different aspects:

- Montessori pedagogy and positive parenting

- Community life


Montessori Pedagogy and Positive Parenting

Integration in an alternative school requires a strong involvement of the families, this choice must be motivated and made in all conscience.

It is a real partnership that we propose to the families because, for the well-being and the good development of the children, the educational approach must be coherent between the home and the school.

Pedagogically speaking, the teaching methods differ from those found in public schools and imply a learning progression specific to each child.

To support and accompany parents on the path of positive parenting and in understanding pedagogy, the school sets up, throughout the year, workshops and conferences in addition to pedagogical, collective and individual meetings.


Community life

The Maison des Enfants, beyond being a school, is a community of parents actively participating in the life of the association. Involvement is made on several points, both in the daily life of the school and for more specific moments.

  • Timebanking

Every year, each family is involved in the maintenance and development of the school through Timebanking.

Families choose 4 half-days, among all those available during the year, and get together to carry out a lot of small jobs in the school. This is a great opportunity for families to meet outside of school hours, and sometimes even to make friends! The children, on the other hand, really appreciate seeing their parents get involved in the maintenance and beautification of the school.

  • Social events

Social events are organized throughout the year. These picnics, quizzes and other Halloween, Christmas or summer parties are the glue that holds the community together. Organized by the parents via Timebanking, they are beautiful moments of conviviality.

  • An ever more vibrant community

What’s app groups and other spontaneous groups of parents are created and help to strengthen the sense of belonging to the community.

The school also provides families with tools to post classified ads, centralize the search for and availability of childcare or nannies… Good addresses of various and varied practitioners, etc.

  • The General Assembly

As an association, the school organizes, once a year, its general assembly. Each family is invited to take part in this highlight of the school year, which provides an opportunity to raise and discuss issues that concern the long-term life of the school and its sustainability.

Special case: Children over 6 years old

For children aged 6 and over who have never been in a Montessori environment, recruitment is specific and will always be studied on a case-by-case basis.

If the class allows the reception of a child in the age group concerned, we will offer you an individual interview with your child to discuss your project together and what we can offer you for integration.