La Maison des Enfants is a private school founded on a non-contractual basis. As such it doesn’t benefit from any financial state aide or aide from local authorities and is funded uniquely by the school fees paid by the families.
Running costs, wages and supply costs ... It leaves nothing for all the projects we have in mind !
Good news is you can support us by way of a tax-deductible donation.

How do I make a donation?

Option 1 : Using Paypal


Option 2 : Send us a chèque

  1. Download the donation form available using this link
  2. Send the completed form with your cheque made out to “La Maison des Enfants” to the following address:
    La Maison des Enfants
    275 route de Nîmes
    34170 Castelnau-le-Lez

Learn more about donation to our association

“Montessori by Nature” (Official name of the association managing “La Maison des Enfants”) is an association now recognized as a general interest and therefore can issue tax receipts.
Received donations open up rights to a tax rebate (whether the donations be financial, material, etc).

  • For private individual : rebate is 66% of its value and limited to 20% of the imposable income.When donations exceed the 20% limit, the excess is carried over the following 5 years and opens up the rights to tax deductions under the same conditions.
  • If you are a company : 60% of your donation is deductible, and is limited to 5‰ of your annual turnover.
  • For each donation, a tax receipt will be sent to you at least on January of the year following your donation.

To summerise, if you donate 100€ to the school, you are only paying in reality 34€, the remaining 66€ being deducted from your taxes.