Graduate animator and bilingual intern

Our leisure centre is located at the Maison des Enfants, bilingual nursery and primary Montessori school at Castelnau-le-Lez - 5 min from Montpellier. According to Montessori philosophy, we cultivate a benevolent working environment and non-violent communication for children between 3 and 9 years old. We are looking for a graduated animator and an intern for the winter vacations - from Monday 22nd February 2021 to Friday 5th of March 2021, plus one day of preparation.


Your missions

  • Accompany the children throughout the day with empathy and respect
  • Organise and animate the different moments of the day with activities (with hands, physical, artistic, creative, musical and other activities)
  • Collaborate actively and with your best mood with the team and school daily dynamics
  • Endorse our values in your practice and attitude

Your profile

  • You are fluent english speaking
  • You are experienced in supervising children
  • You believe in the Montessori philosophy and are an admirer and advocate of nonviolent communication
  • You are a positive person, dynamic and very interested in accompanying young children in their day to day
  • You are calm, have a happy expression and are attentive to listen to the need of each child
  • You have good sense and qualities of observation and adaptation
  • You know how to work in a team and share a pedagogical interest

Is this you? So send us your CV and a letter to tell us more about you, your values and what moves you.

Only candidates that send both elements (CV+letter) will be taken into consideration. If, unfortunately, you do not receive a response from our part, it is because your profile was not selected but we will keep it for future opportunities.

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    La Maison des Enfants regularly welcomes professionals working with small children and wishing to update their professional methods, on internships and observational periods.

    Our association employs A.M.I. certified teachers and assistants and lots of volunteers who choose to give some of their time to support us.

    • For more information, contact us through our contact form.
    • If you want to apply, please fill in the form below.