Some change for la maison des enfants!!!

The Maison des Enfants has seen many happy changes in 2019!



The Prado-Concorde résidence

In November 2019, our dream came true. We moved into this environmentally friendly building surrounded by greenery.
First of all, we would like to thank all the people who supported us, believed in the project and invested in it.
At the same time as this major change, the status of our association has evolved.
Indeed, during the last General Assembly of the association in July 2019, was voted its transformation into SCIC, Société Collaborative d’Intérêt Collectif. Various reasons pushed us towards this change, one of the main ones being the passage towards a more secure legislative framework for the school.


What is a SCIC?

SCICS are run democratically, one person equals one vote. The company’s capital is owned by the employees, the beneficiaries of the activity and by a third category of shareholders: local authorities, volunteers, financers etc.

None of these parties can have power, which intrinsically implies a sharing of power, therefore a democracy.

The Board of Directors of our SCIC Montessori-by-Nature is therefore composed of representatives of the college of creators, elected representatives of the college of parents and elected representatives of the college of employees. You can find the members of the Board of Directors in the section Our Team, tab The Board.




Why don’t you become a partner?

You can now invest in our project, our school by becoming a member.

Investing in SCIC Montessori-by-Nature is investing in the future, sharing with us the values we support.

It also means being convinced that education allows us to build a better world, where human values will continue to flourish.

If you would like more information, please go to the Contact page, fill in the application form or contact us by phone during opening hours.