Opening period

  • Wednesday openings : Open on Wednesdays, half day and full day from 19/10/19 to 01/07/2020
  • October holidays : Exceptionally Closed due to moving to new premises
  • Winter holidays : from  10th February to the 21st February 2020 (Monday to Friay)
  • Spring holidays : 6th April to 17th April 2020
  • Summer holidays 6th July to 31st August

Informations générales

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  • Open days : from Monday to Friday
  • Times : mornings from 8h30 and 9h – End of day between 17h and 18h.
  • Group sizes : 15 to 25 children /day.
  • Ages: 3 to 10 years old.
  • Meals and snacks are organic

Soon you will be able to download the flyer for the forthcoming holiday club/ Wednesday programs.

Coming soon – program for Wednedays and holidays


Price per day : includes lunch and snack

 Note : The holiday clubs and Wednesdays give parents the possibility to apply for a tax credit of 50% within the rights available for childcare for children under 6 years old.


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  • For questions ?  Contact us by- email:
  • Enrolment is validated once we have received the completed forms and have received payment.
  • Children from outside the school are also welcome!