La Maison des Enfants

We are a small, private school (located in Castelnau-le-Lez, 5 minutes from Montpellier) which follows the Montessori teaching method. We welcome children of age from 2 to 12 to a bilingual (English/French) environment that is adapted to the needs of the children. Our school is a non-profit organization, as required by French law.

Enrol in our Wednesday and holiday program for the 2020-21 school year

activités nature montessori

Give your children something special on Wednesdays and during the school holidays !

Children explore a different theme each week: Engtlish, art, nature, culture sport in a peaceful and positive environment.

Possible to reserve for a day, ten days, a year, with organic lunch and snack included. Open to all children !

Wednesdays and holidays

 Enrolments for  2021-2022 



Interested in our school? We organise weekly Friday afternoon visits to our school for after the October half term holidays. Contact us now for a visit or more information via the form on our Registration page.


Our values

Positive teaching method

At La Maison des Enfants we advocate a positive approach to discipline. The word discipline actually comes from the Latin verb ‘to teach’ or ‘guide’. Using gentle guidance, we encourage children to find and develop their inner resources. This helps to build self-confidence and greater respect for the child’s self, entourage and environment. We formally reject the method of educating children by means of humiliation (emotional violence) or corporal punishment (physical violence).

Cultural Openness

As society in general becomes more and more multicultural, our school can only benefit from having a bilingual environment and by welcoming families from all over the world. By recreating and reproducing the wealth of the world at our level, we help our children understand different cultures and beliefs. This is a constant reminder of the diversity of humanity, which is an important factor in developing values of love, tolerance and cooperation.

Homemade Cooking

To provide the best quality and healthiest lunches possible, La Maison des Enfants has chosen a Chef to cook fresh, healthy lunches for the children everyday. Our daily, changing menus consist of fresh, organic produce which can be adapted to meet various dietary requirements and food intolerances. E.g. Vegetarian, Gluten Free etc…

Raising Awareness

Our school is very keen to raise awareness and share its ideas with both parents and other interested people in the community. We do this by holding conferences in Education, Parenting and Nutrition, as well as having a library of books which parents can borrow. Please feel free to come meet us, learn and participate in one of our many activities.